High Quality Acer KT.00403.018 replacement laptop battery [4 cells 53Wh 15V]

  • SKUACU675
  • ConditionReplacement, Brand New
  • Voltage15V
  • Capacity53Wh
  • Number of Cells4 cells
  • Cell TypeLi-Polymer
  • ColorBlack
  • Size284.10x88.40x5.95mm(L x W x H)
  • Warranty1 Year
  • AvailabilityIn Stock
Note : 1. 15.2V and 15V are compatible, they are in common use.
Acer KT.00403.018 replacement laptop battery is made with high-quality Grade A battery cells from Samsung or Panasonic to ensure long runtime and long life. Under multiple protection of specially-designed circuit, this replacement battery ensures maximum security. The Acer KT.00403.018 battery part is made of non-flammable and durable plastic, which guarantees flame-retardant property and avoids damage when the battery falls from low altitude. This long life Acer KT.00403.018 notebook battery lets you work seamlessly on the move for business trips or vacations.
Through the tests, all the Li-ion replacement batteries for Acer KT.00403.018 laptop have been certified to meet and even exceed the original battery performance. Besides, they are totally compatible with the original manufacturer's specifications. Each replacement battery for Acer KT.00403.018 laptop has been tested and verified by the Acer KT.00403.018 system to ensure the safety of your Acer KT.00403.018 laptop.
Thank you for purchasing this high-quality Acer KT.00403.018 battery at AcerLatopBattery.net. We have a rigorous testing process to ensure that your order (e.g. Acer KT.00403.018 laptop battery) is perfectly functional before packaging and sending it to you. Before placing an order, please make sure that the part number of your original Acer KT.00403.018 battery is listed as below and owns the same shape as our battery image (please see the larger image for details)

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Battery for Acer KT.00403.018 laptop Battery for Acer KT.00403.018 laptop Battery for Acer KT.00403.018 laptop Battery for Acer KT.00403.018 laptop

Compatible Acer Part Numbers

  • 41CP6/60/78
  • AL13B3K
  • AP13B3K(4ICP6/60/78)
  • AP13B3K
  • AP13B8K(4ICP6/60/80)
  • AP13B8K
  • KT.00403.018
  • KT00403018
  • TIS 2217-2548

Compatible Acer Laptop Models

  • Aspire M5-583
  • Aspire M5-583P
  • Aspire M5-583P-54206G50TSS
  • Aspire M5-583P-5859
  • Aspire M5-583P-6423
  • Aspire M5-583P-6428
  • Aspire M5-583P-6637
  • Aspire M5-583P-74508G1TTSS
  • Aspire M5-583P-9688
  • Aspire R7
  • Aspire R7-571
  • Aspire R7-571-53334G75ASS
  • Aspire R7-571-53336G50ASS
  • Aspire R7-571-53338G75ASS
  • Aspire R7-571-6411
  • Aspire R7-571-6455
  • Aspire R7-571-6858
  • Aspire R7-571-6895
  • Aspire R7-571G
  • Aspire R7-571G-53338G1TASS
  • Aspire R7-571G-53338G75ASS
  • Aspire R7-572
  • Aspire R7-572-54204G50ASS
  • Aspire R7-572-54208G75ASS
  • Aspire R7-572-5893
  • Aspire R7-572-6411
  • Aspire R7-572-6423
  • Aspire R7-572-6448
  • Aspire R7-572-6637
  • Aspire R7-572-6805
  • Aspire R7-572G
  • Aspire V5-452G
  • Aspire V5-452G-85554G50AMM
  • Aspire V5-452P
  • Aspire V5-452PG
  • Aspire V5-472
  • Aspire V5-472-2625
  • Aspire V5-472-33226G50AII
  • Aspire V5-472-53334G50AII
  • Aspire V5-472-53334G50AM
  • Aspire V5-472-53334G50APP
  • Aspire V5-472-6852
  • Aspire V5-472-6893
  • Aspire V5-472-BR826
  • Aspire V5-472G
  • Aspire V5-472P
  • Aspire V5-472P-21274G50I
  • Aspire V5-472P-4626
  • Aspire V5-472P-53334G50AII
  • Aspire V5-472P-53338G50AII
  • Aspire V5-472P-6444
  • Aspire V5-472P-6619
  • Aspire V5-472PG
  • Aspire V5-473
  • Aspire V5-473G
  • Aspire V5-473G-54204G50AII
  • Aspire V5-473G-54204G50APP
  • Aspire V5-473G-6814
  • Aspire V5-473P
  • Aspire V5-473P-34014G50AII
  • Aspire V5-473P-3837
  • Aspire V5-473P-54204G50AII
  • Aspire V5-473P-5602
  • Aspire V5-473P-5639
  • Aspire V5-473P-6459
  • Aspire V5-473P-6610
  • Aspire V5-473P-6616
  • Aspire V5-473P-6888
  • Aspire V5-473P-6890
  • Aspire V5-473PG
  • Aspire V5-473PG-5408
  • Aspire V5-481P
  • Aspire V5-552
  • Aspire V5-552-10576G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-552-10576G75AII
  • Aspire V5-552-10578G75AII
  • Aspire V5-552-8404
  • Aspire V5-552-85554G50AII
  • Aspire V5-552-85556G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-552-85558G1TAKK
  • Aspire V5-552-85558G1TAMM
  • Aspire V5-552-85558G50AII
  • Aspire V5-552-85558G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-552-8677
  • Aspire V5-552-8824
  • Aspire V5-552-8854
  • Aspire V5-552G
  • Aspire V5-552G-8409
  • Aspire V5-552G-85554G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-552G-8632
  • Aspire V5-552G-X412
  • Aspire V5-552G-X414
  • Aspire V5-552G-X852
  • Aspire V5-552P
  • Aspire V5-552P-10576G75AII
  • Aspire V5-552P-10578G1TAII
  • Aspire V5-552P-65354G50AII
  • Aspire V5-552P-7407
  • Aspire V5-552P-7412
  • Aspire V5-552P-7480
  • Aspire V5-552P-7854
  • Aspire V5-552P-8471
  • Aspire V5-552P-8483
  • Aspire V5-552P-85556G75AII
  • Aspire V5-552P-85556G75ARR
  • Aspire V5-552P-85558G50AII
  • Aspire V5-552P-85558G75AII
  • Aspire V5-552P-8629
  • Aspire V5-552P-8646
  • Aspire V5-552P-8676
  • Aspire V5-552PG
  • Aspire V5-552PG-10578G1TAII
  • Aspire V5-552PG-10578G1TAMM
  • Aspire V5-552PG-10578G50A
  • Aspire V5-552PG-10578G50AMM
  • Aspire V5-552PG-10578G50ARR
  • Aspire V5-552PG-8405
  • Aspire V5-552PG-8661
  • Aspire V5-552PG-X469
  • Aspire V5-552PG-X494
  • Aspire V5-552PG-X602
  • Aspire V5-552PG-X809
  • Aspire V5-552PG-X809V5-552-8404
  • Aspire V5-552PG-XB09
  • Aspire V5-552P-X404
  • Aspire V5-552P-X439
  • Aspire V5-552P-X440
  • Aspire V5-552P-X452
  • Aspire V5-552P-X617
  • Aspire V5-552P-X637
  • Aspire V5-552P-X882
  • Aspire V5-552-X418
  • Aspire V5-552-X671
  • Aspire V5-552-X814
  • Aspire V5-552-X832
  • Aspire V5-572
  • Aspire V5-572-21274G50AII
  • Aspire V5-572-21274G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-572-33214G50AII
  • Aspire V5-572-33224G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-572-53334G50AII
  • Aspire V5-572-53336G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-572-6463
  • Aspire V5-572-6498
  • Aspire V5-572-6632
  • Aspire V5-572-6872
  • Aspire V5-572-9457
  • Aspire V5-572G
  • Aspire V5-572G-53334G50AII
  • Aspire V5-572G-53336G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-572G-6679
  • Aspire V5-572P
  • Aspire V5-572P-21274G50AII
  • Aspire V5-572P-21276G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-572P-33226G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-572P-4414
  • Aspire V5-572P-4416
  • Aspire V5-572P-4429
  • Aspire V5-572P-4824
  • Aspire V5-572P-4853
  • Aspire V5-572P-53334G50AII
  • Aspire V5-572P-53336G50AII
  • Aspire V5-572P-53338G1TAII
  • Aspire V5-572P-53338G50AII
  • Aspire V5-572P-6417
  • Aspire V5-572P-6454
  • Aspire V5-572P-6610
  • Aspire V5-572P-6646
  • Aspire V5-572P-6818
  • Aspire V5-572P-6858
  • Aspire V5-572PG
  • Aspire V5-573
  • Aspire V5-573-54204G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-573-54208G75AII
  • Aspire V5-573-6438
  • Aspire V5-573-74506G1TAII
  • Aspire V5-573-74508G1TAII
  • Aspire V5-573-9837
  • Aspire V5-573-9863
  • Aspire V5-573G
  • Aspire V5-573G-54201250AII
  • Aspire V5-573G-54204G50AII
  • Aspire V5-573G-54208G1TAKK
  • Aspire V5-573G-54208G50AII
  • Aspire V5-573G-54208G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-573G-54208G75AII
  • Aspire V5-573G-54218G1TAII
  • Aspire V5-573G-74506G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-573G-74508G1TAKK
  • Aspire V5-573G-74508G50AII
  • Aspire V5-573G-74508G50AKK
  • Aspire V5-573G-74518G1TAKK
  • Aspire V5-573G-74518G25AII
  • Aspire V5-573G-9491
  • Aspire V5-573P
  • Aspire V5-573P-5408
  • Aspire V5-573P-54204G50AII
  • Aspire V5-573P-54206G75AII
  • Aspire V5-573P-54208G1TARR
  • Aspire V5-573P-6417
  • Aspire V5-573P-6464
  • Aspire V5-573P-6486
  • Aspire V5-573P-6865
  • Aspire V5-573P-6896
  • Aspire V5-573P-74506G75AII
  • Aspire V5-573P-74508G1TAII
  • Aspire V5-573P-9481
  • Aspire V5-573P-9660
  • Aspire V5-573P-9899
  • Aspire V5-573PG
  • Aspire V5-573PG-54208
  • Aspire V5-573PG-7400
  • Aspire V5-573PG-74508G1TAII
  • Aspire V5-573PG-9610
  • Aspire V5-582P
  • Aspire V5-582P-6673
  • Aspire V5-582PG
  • Aspire V5-582PG-6421
  • Aspire V7-481
  • Aspire V7-481-53338G52AII
  • Aspire V7-481-6607
  • Aspire V7-481G
  • Aspire V7-481P
  • Aspire V7-481P-53336G52AII
  • Aspire V7-481P-6455
  • Aspire V7-481P-6833
  • Aspire V7-481PG
  • Aspire V7-482
  • Aspire V7-482P
  • Aspire V7-482P-34014G52TII
  • Aspire V7-482P-5822
  • Aspire V7-482P-5864
  • Aspire V7-482P-6616
  • Aspire V7-482P-6647
  • Aspire V7-482P-6819
  • Aspire V7-482PG
  • Aspire V7-482PG-54208G52TII
  • Aspire V7-482PG-5438
  • Aspire V7-482PG-5642
  • Aspire V7-482PG-5842
  • Aspire V7-482PG-5861
  • Aspire V7-482PG-6629
  • Aspire V7-482PG-6662
  • Aspire V7-482PG-745012102TT
  • Aspire V7-482PG-745012102TTKK
  • Aspire V7-482PG-7845
  • Aspire V7-482PG-9617
  • Aspire V7-482PG-9642
  • Aspire V7-482PG-9884
  • Aspire V7-581
  • Aspire V7-581-6456
  • Aspire V7-581-6489
  • Aspire V7-581G
  • Aspire V7-581P
  • Aspire V7-581P-53336G52AII
  • Aspire V7-581P-6614
  • Aspire V7-581P-6864
  • Aspire V7-581P-6881
  • Aspire V7-581PG
  • Aspire V7-582
  • Aspire V7-582P
  • Aspire V7-582P-54208G52TII
  • Aspire V7-582P-6673
  • Aspire V7-582PG
  • Aspire V7-582PG-54208G1.02TTII
  • Aspire V7-582PG-6421
  • Aspire V7-582PG-6479
  • Aspire V7-582PG-6673
  • Aspire V7-582PG-6854
  • Aspire V7-582PG-74508G52TII
  • Aspire V7-582PG-74508G52TKK
  • Aspire V7-582PG-7648
  • Aspire V7-582PG-7657
  • Aspire V7-582PG-9478
  • Aspire V7-582PG-9856

Shipping Methods

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Payment Methods

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1-Year Warranty
All our high-quality replacement batteries for Acer KT.00403.018 notebook come with a 1-year warranty. Warranty is applicable if the buyer has installed the battery properly in the device and has treated the battery correctly.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Our goal is to turn customer satisfaction into ‘Complete Customer Satisfaction’. That's why we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee, on top of our warranty and RMA procedure for defects!
Please note: in order to qualify to get your money back, you must first contact us and await instructions before sending back your product.


If you have a problem with one battery which bought from us, please contact us first. We will process your request and try to find a solution to your problem. If the problem cannot be fixed by our technical support engineer, we will generate an RMA number (Return Material Authorization) for you. If inspection concludes that the returned battery is defective, a new battery will be shipped out without extra charge.
Please note: we cannot process returned batteries if you have not yet received an RMA number.

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Q: How do I check if this battery is compatible with my laptop?

A: First, find out the part number of your old battery or the model name of the laptop (e.g. "Acer KT.00403.018") and then match with our product compatibility chart. Second, please compare the old battery with our product image to make sure their shapes are the same. Finally, check that the voltage (rating) is the same as your old battery. More details please click How to find one correct battery for my laptop?

Q: Is your replacement Acer KT.00403.018 battery compatible with my original Acer KT.00403.018 battery?

A: 100% OEM compatible to ensure compliance with your original Acer KT.00403.018 battery specifications (including the same size and high quality). All of our batteries for Acer KT.00403.018 laptops have passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 ).

Q: How do I use a new battery for Acer KT.00403.018 for the first time?

A: The new Acer KT.00403.018 battery pack is usually shipped in a partially charged state. Please charge fully the new Acer KT.00403.018 battery pack and discharge it for 3-5 times to fully activate the battery to the maximum rated capacity.

Q: How to remove, replace, install and upgrade your Acer KT.00403.018 replacement battery?

A: 1. Turn your Acer KT.00403.018 laptop over.
2. Find the battery release button on your Acer KT.00403.018 laptop.
3. Now your Acer KT.00403.018 replacement battery is unlocked and find the battery release button.
4. Press the laptop battery release button and gently pull the battery out of the notebook.
5. Now that your Acer KT.00403.018 battery has been removed, please purchase a new Acer KT.00403.018 battery for the replacement install.
6. Insert the battery into the slot. Push the Acer KT.00403.018 battery to the laptop and secure it in place.